Wednesday, August 26, 2015



These are some of the items on my house wish-list currently. I mean come on, that chair? I know it's a bit over the top but I love how it creates its own nook and also reminds me of something that would be in Victoria Grayson's house. And while she was pretty villainous - her house looked great.

It has taken me soooooooooooooooo long to figure out what my style is when it comes to home decor. Are we going for homey? pretty? glamorous? traditional? It can get overwhelming. More than anything I'm attracted to simple elegance. I think any room is instantly better when there is no clutter. For me it's not so much what's there as it is what's not there. Does that make any sense? haha I just like when spaces are neutral and cohesive and clean. Pinterest has definitely helped guide me to show me just what I like. I think it would be so fun to put crazy wallpaper in a powder room. And I hate chevron. I'll say it. I hate chevron. But that's just me.. 

My parents brought a Uhaul up from Mississippi this past weekend with things from my childhood home that they sold earlier this year. As sad as I was to see them sell it, I was pretty pumped when we were carrying in things like a bed frame and matress for the guest bedroom. I had actually considered picking some up from the side of the road - the struggle is so real. haha It didn't come to that though thank goodness and I love having things in this house that remind me of the home where I grew up.

What is your favorite home store? Do tell.... Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

wine party

When one of my friends told me about having a wine party I thought it was too easy and fun to pass up. My birthday was this past Saturday - don't you love when your birthday lands on a Friday or Saturday? AND my parents were in town AND David was off - say what? Those variables are never ever going to align again.. ever. So I did what any reasonable girl in her late twenties would do: I threw myself a wine party at our house. 
I used paperless post to skip the hassle and formality of paper invitations (although I LOVE a good paper invitation. Let's not get crazy) I was just going for easy and low-key. I told everyone to bring a bottle under $25 for a wine contest. 

when people walked through the door I wrote their name on their bottle and then put the bottle in a brown paper bag. I explained the concept to the wine store down the street who helped the cause and donated a lot of paper wine bags like this one. I had already made tags with numbers on them using stationary I never used anymore. Remember I was going for easy and low key. You could make it prettier by having cute tags or tie a different color ribbon on each bag and have people vote for their favorite color rather than write the number or their favorite wine. 
I used the other side of the stationary to make voting cards so people could vote for their favorite wine. I just hand wrote the cards really quick. This was not a wine tasting - which would indicate 1/2 ounce pours and people talking about tannins and tobacco finishes. No no, this was a wine contest: drink as much as you want and then vote for your favorite when you think you've found it. 
I had two sets of these world market stemless wineglasses as prizes for the winner of the best red and the winner of the best white. The four glasses served as the centerpieces (upside down with white tool wrapped around them) for the food table. 
if you ever do this party make sure to put a big W or R on the brown bag - pouring red when you are expecting white is as bad as thinking it's water and getting sprite or worse: thinking it's coke and getting tobacco spit. Oh yes, that has happened to me. TWICE. 

all in all this was a great and easy party to throw - and pretty cheap since it's basically BYOW ;) Thanks for all the Bday wishes and for reading this blog!

Cheers :) 

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