Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

visiting the Biltmore for the first time
a walk in these pretty gardens with coffee in hand and lavender blooms all around 
this walkway covered by a canopy of greenery
welcoming fall to North Carolina
these adirondack chairs at the top of the blue ridge mountains  
   and enjoying the scenery from them
David's birthday celebration, and him not having to work on his birthday...or the day after
these upside down whiskey bottles spotted on our tour of breweries in Durham
beautiful roses in front of my favorite house on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill
the weekly David and Nilla cuddle pic

Happy Friday!!! Sorry for the absence this week but David had TWO WHOLE DAYS off during the week so we took full advantage and spent time with each other. (I'm so excited that he is about to be on his clinic rotation which means "golden weekends" EVERY weekend -Saturday and Sunday off just like a normal American - whoop whoop!)

His birthday was also a lot of fun - we spent the day in Durham touring breweries and ended up playing trivia with some friends that night. We almost came out with first place but were beat in the very last round.... heart-breaker. They had one of my favorite trivia categories ever - an audio round where everyone had to guess the song title and artist like this one and this one which took me back to grade school. Would you have gotten those two? 

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

Friday, October 10, 2014

friday favorites

soft serve tart yogurt with sprinkles and blueberries
weekly David and Nilla cuddle pic
(Nilla is a little camera shy... ok just shy in general) 
It was so fun getting to keep sweet Abbey (Josh and Jennifer's dog) while they went back to Mississippi for the MSU football game - how about those Mississippi football teams!? This weekend is going to be crazy in Mississippi and I wish I was there to see the games! But David and I will have both games playing on TV, beer in hand, fingers crossed for both teams, and I can't wait!
this fun fountain statue that immediately reminded me of Singing in the Rain :)  
I'm moving Singing in the Rain to the top of my "old movie to watch" list
this picturesque setting in Asheville to watch the sunset
David got more than 24 hours off so we jumped at the chance to travel to Asheville
If you're ever here, the Grove Park Inn sunset cocktail terrace gets my vote
(And thanks to Mollie Williams for recommending it) 
having one of the best BLTs of my life at Merritts in Chapel Hill
this sweet and tempting display at a candy store that made me want to pick up the whole glass bowl and take it to the counter for checkout... I heart chiclets 

fresh farm eggs from the coffee shop across the street
I really don't know what I'd do without being able to walk next door for milk, eggs, and wine! - a luxury we've been fortunate to have at our Belhaven and Chapel Hill home

Happy Friday and happy weekend! Since David got 36 hours off we decided to come to Asheville to kick-off his birthday week (his real birthday is next wednesday). It's so pretty here that I might have to ban the word "pretty" from my vocabulary since I've already said it 100 times and we've only been here a few hours. 

Traveling is exhilarating. I love planning trips and looking forward to them. I'm trying to plan a trip January 6th - 12th since that's when David's vacation time fell. But I can't decide if we should do something tropical or wintery with those dates -extend the holiday season a bit or feel some sand on our feet. What would you do??? Escape the winter and head to an island or embrace the snow and go skiing?? 

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