Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Prep

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Good morning! Today David and I are celebrating our Thanksgiving since he'll be working until late tomorrow :(. I spent the day yesterday cooking ( this & this) and hopefully everything will taste good tonight. There was definitely enough butter and cheese in the recipes to make anything taste good so I'm hopeful. We are about to have doughnuts and then see the matinee movie of the Hunger Games!

I am definitely missing family and wish we could have come home for Thanksgiving, but am glad we'll get to be back for Christmas. All residents get either Christmas or New years eve off and I was elated when David told me he had gotten Christmas. Enter: happy dance. I'm also heading to Deer Valley again this year the week before Christmas and can't wait to hit the slopes with my brother and spend time with the whole family. Now if only I could figure out how to bring Nilla! I've heard from a very wise woman that I could potentially register her as my "emotional support" so she could come on the plane. hahahah. Wouldn't that be the best? 

Thanks for reading and enjoy your holiday! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dear Santa

Dear Santa

Row 2: Down vest ($108) / Lavender scarf ($79) / Sarah Chloe signet ring ($169) / Yves Saint Laurent lipstick ($35) / Big book of Chic ($65) / Gold Urchin ($35) 

Row 3: Alice Olivia fur ($297) / Copper mug set ($75) / Kate spade shoes ($350) / DKNY striped pjs ($58)

Good morning and happy almost Thanksgiving! David is off tomorrow and working until 10 pm on actual Thanksgiving so we're going to have our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night. He has requested 3 dishes in the casserole category that I have no idea how to make so that should be interesting. Hopefully the house will NOT smell like burned everything... but my track record really isn't the best. I think I've set off the smoke alarm in our cottage 4 or 5 times at this point - wish me luck! Thursday will be a Friendsgiving of sorts and then Kim is having people over with her family on Saturday. Food, food, and more food! 

With Christmas being SO close I put together a gift guide. There is a lot for under $100... and some things that just aren't. Really at the top of my list are the Christmas PJS and comfy cozy socks. Nothing says Christmas like spending all day in cute pajamas while drinking apple cider or "Christmas Drink" (which I need to make sooooon!). And although gifts are fun, spending time with family is always the best part of the holidays. Hope you are getting excited about Turkey Day and thanks for reading!


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