Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Favorites

this exquisite tree with so many ornaments you can barely see the branches 
and it's even ombre! 
the cutest photo-bomber in history - and bright blue doors with a gigantic wreath 
playing tourist with family and making friends with Mildred the moose
flights being on time, no luggage lost,  and breathtaking mountain views while in the air
all natural and tasteful (ha) holiday decorations
spending time with my parents - I have missed them!
 seeing the trees sparkle at night 
hoods with fur trim and matching Carolina blue beanie hats for skiing
pizza and beer at a downtown restaurant followed by a movie with the family 
visiting Temple Square for the first time and hearing home alone songs on the organ
finding the perfect calf-hair cheetah pumps
being at "home home" in Starkville and addressing Christmas cards while watching Christmas movies
the first day of wedding festivities of one of my best friends (practically sisters) starting today

I am writing this post from my "home home" in Starkville! It's been far too long since I visited. My mom and I flew in today from Deer Valley and are leaving in the morning to start celebrating Haley Crosby and Rob Carpenter! whoop whoop! A Christmas wedding is going to be so much fun and magical and I can't wait to celebrate these people that mean so much to me! 

Coming to Starkville was really important to me this year because my parents are putting our house up for sale - Que the violens, record scratch, and put 10 of the hysterically crying emojis right *here*. I know it's just a house... really, I do. But it's where I spent year 5 to year now and I guess it's hard to imagine not being able to walk in the back door whenever I want to. Have your parents sold your childhood home? Did you take it well? 

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for reading!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


jacket:Ralph Lauren // hat // heels: Banana republic factory // pants: forever 21 // purse: Halston Heritage // sunglasses: ray-ban // faux leather tights // scarf // sweater: Banana Republic // leather texting gloves: Nordstrom Rack similar here and love these //

It's almost the weekend and that means Christmas is next week :) I am so excited to be heading back to Mississippi for Haley and Rob's wedding in Oxford this weekend!!! Oxford is special to me for a lot of reasons - it's where David was completing undergrad when we started dating (we both did a 5th year of college whoop whoop!!), it's where I lived for 3 years with this beautiful and sweet bride to be, it's where I was in law school and met so many wonderful people and friends, and it's where David and I got married. Although I cheer for the Mississippi State bulldogs, I will always be a fan of Oxford for the great memories I have there. It really is the quaintest little town!

Family Christmas in Deer Valley has been so much fun this year. When David and I got married my parents thought a Christmas trip, versus the gifts would be a great way to spend time together the week before Christmas... that way on actual Christmas we could be with our spouses' families. It has really worked out wonderfully and I love being at David's sister's house on Christmas morning and watching the kids open gifts. 

"One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don't clean it up too quickly."  ~ (1919-), Andy Rooney 


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