Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

pops of red white and blue and it being July 4th weekend
a bloody mary on a perfect summer Sunday
having a cobb girls visit - my mom and sister coming to Chapel Hill
this copper frog promoting peace and love
Nilla cuddling with the new baby boy - my sister is expecting :)
starting to try out Strong Lash
 a mountain of Arugula

this summer sky

My mom and sister came up last weekend and it was so much fun to hang out with them in Chapel Hill. I loved showing them my favorite spots and having an excuse to try some new places too. The day after they left my sister found out that she and her husband are expecting a little boy! Our family (minus me) and his family went to my dad's clinic (he's an OBGYN) and did a sonogram. I was in a restaurant face timing my sister for this "gender reveal" and I'm pretty sure everybody in the restaurant knows she's having a boy.

David is off tomorrow so we are splitting our time between the pool and packing. Oh packing... here we go. Last year when we moved here it was a last minute push and I'm determined to pack slowly but surely this go-round. I'm going to the Dominican Republic the last week of July so I'm trying to have it all packed before then. 

I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend - happy birthday America! Thank you so much for reading. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Arco Avenue Shoes (c/o) also available here // shorts (c/o) // belt // top // sunglasses // tote // hat

And the white top strikes again. I wear this top every other day and would wear it EVERY day if I could. It's just the perfect "v" and I love the skinniest of the skinny straps. Plus it's super thin and not tight so there is some air circulation despite this heat wave happening in North Carolina. Pairing it with these stretchy jean shorts has definitely been my "go-to" summer ensemble for dinners or drinks. There is no doubt it will be what I'm wearing for the 4th.

Happy first day of July! How is it already the 7th month in the year!? Have a great Wednesday and thanks for reading.

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