Tuesday, January 27, 2015


long sweater: Loeil // jeans: zara // necklace: Padgett Hoke // purse: Halston Heritage // shoes: Christian Louboutin // sunglasses: ray-ban // beanie: J. crew

The snowstorm is hitting the east coast and I can only hope everyone is getting a snow day! I wish Chapel Hill was expecting some snow - but alas, it's just chilly temps for us. 

This past weekend I drove up to DC to see Christina and play in the city. DC is historical, really pretty, and has two Zara stores. What's not to love? Seeing the White House and the Metro made me think of House of Cards and Scandal. I'm so ready for the return of Olivia Pope.

On to the clothes breakdown... This sweater is from one of my new favorite stores that I discovered here on instagram. They have simple and elegant pieces and aren't that expensive. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this snuggie-ish duster cardigan. 

Also, I have been wearing this gold curved bar necklace every day lately. Padgett Hoke jewelry is SO pretty and unique. Padgett is extremely talented and creates all her own jewelry - get it girl! I am obsessed with her pieces and love how the necklaces are on a very thin and dainty chain. They're just so pretty and great for layering too.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday favorites

adding these loafers to my black shoe collection 
a black and white checkered hallway lined with life sized topiaries
the weekly David and Nilla cuddle pic
cascading water making a grand entrance during our walk to dinner
this restaurant patio covered with twinkle lights
a cute white house with navy shutters, a red door, and plenty of rocking chairs to go around
meeting David for drinks at the Carolina Inn
  a long walk around campus with a friend when the weather was nice
Trader Joe's French Liquid soap I read about here
packing chunky knits to take to DC this weekend 

Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend! This weekend I'm going to DC to see Christina. We got tired of playing phone tag and DC is a city that I've only visited twice - which is not nearly enough in my book. And since I'm all the way over here anyway, I figured I would just make the drive. 

I babysat a 4 year old some this week - something I haven't done since I was 13. I found myself reverting back to my own 4 year old self and playing the part of Shredder from teenage mutant ninja turtles. Now there's something you don't do everyday...

On to the clothes. These forever 21 loafers are everything. I got them in the gold AND black and am so excited to wear them this weekend. DC is a city I wish I would have spent more time in during my college years - re: I wish I would have spent a summer there. It just seems so picturesque with normal and driven people. The shopping and food scene are both superb as well and that's all a girl really needs. I'm so excited to see friends in DC and am hoping for snow.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for reading!


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