Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gold and Green

Similar to any girl ever, there are parts of my body that I'm not crazy about. This sheer top hides my less than toned arms but is still cool enough for summer. Also, usually scarves are only for cooler temps, but when I saw this video it inspired me to bring out my silk scarf for a date night dinner. Wearing a silk scarf like this reminds me of Blair Waldorf, which to me is always a good thing. I wonder if Blair ever had a rain coat and a to-go box in her purse like I do here. Please disregard... 

sheer top: Boutique (similar 12345) // sandals: Zara (similar 12345) // bracelet: J. crew // shorts: J. Crew // silk scarf: (similar 12345) // lips: Nars 'Luxembourg' // bag (similar 12345) // earrings: gift but similar here 

Thank you so much for reading! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I die...

I die...

Although all these items are things I'm currently craving, really I just wanted to share my three favorite products. I've been a firm believer in St. Tropez since law school. It's a foam that gives you an instant tan which is perfect for someone like me who has sworn off tanning beds and laying out. I put it on before I go to sleep then shower in the morning to tone down the shock factor. Sometimes I will put a little bit on my legs or arms before walking out the door. And yes, I even use it on my face. 
Recently I bought the application mit ($8) and it was a game changer. None of the foam touches your hands, so you aren't left scrubbing after you apply. Also, it goes on so much more evenly. 
The Indie Hairspray is something my hairstylist in Raleigh used and has become my favorite hairspray ever. It smells like skittles (maybe the purple ones?) and gives hold without being sticky. Confession: sometimes I've sprayed a little bit on my hair at night before bed because I love the smell so much.
Lastly, the finishing spray by kenra. It's a silkining mist that makes hair smoother and shinier. I probably wouldn't recommend this for oily hair, but for hair that's just been blow-dried and needs a little bit of smoothness, this is perfect. Oh, and it smells like strawberries. Happy summer and thanks so much for reading!

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