Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Charleston, South Carolina

This past weekend David and I took a trip to Charleston. We drove 8 hours (yes he drove 6) while listening to a book on tape, so as to avoid any musical conflicts. I couldn't get over how pretty the drive was this time of year. When I wasn't sleeping in the passenger side, I was looking left and right at all the pretty trees. On Thursday night we went to dinner right off of King street, then Friday we shopped, brunched, lounged, had dinner at Leaf and went to a wine tasting hosted by the medical school at the aquarium. Saturday we watched the sunset on a boat (while eating this amazing cheese), saw Sullivan's beach, made homemade pizza and watched some football. Sunday we started at church, followed by brunch at Eli's Table, then took a walking tour of the city and saw all the colorful homes.  The best part of the trip was getting to spend so much time with Mollie and David, our hosts, who were so kind to let us stay 4 nights. I met Mollie when we both worked at Disney and it's always so fun to get to hang out since most of the time we are separated by states.  

* Sullivan's beach *

* Manning the ship *

* true love (there was also a boat by the name of "what the hull") *
* Mollie and David *
* sunset at the marina *

* the parade of sailboats - we watched the college of charleston students "have class" on the water *

* barefoot on the beach *

* King Street! My favorite *
* the cutest piggy banks *
* I love the names of the streets: King, princess, queen, meeting street ... *

* pink stucco and palm trees *
* Calhoun the Dalmatian *
* better known as "Cal the Dal" *
* Sunday stroll down King Street with my guy * 
* Basil bloody mary *
* egg's benedict at Toast *

* My very first Macaroons! I felt like Blair from Gossip Girl!*

* David clearly loves them too *
* pastries and sweets *

* what a woman / stylin' and profilin' * 
* hanging white pumpkins *
* trees of Charleston * 
* perfect day for sailing *

* canopy of flowers on our tour of the town*

It was such an amazing trip from start to finish - from the food, to the people, to the sights. I am so glad I got to go! And so glad I got to see Mollie and David in their town. We love y'all!


  1. Lauren, I love all of the outfits you wore on your trip, just adorable... looks like you had a great time!! xoxo

    1. 1) I need to set my email to notify me when there is a comment. 2) I do love Charleston, but I miss Oxford too.. especially the friends, and closets, that are 20 feet away. :)



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