Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Charlottesville, Virginia

Two weekends ago I had the chance to go visit David in Charlottesville, Virginia. Although I couldn't go to all of the cities David traveled to over the past few weeks, there were some destinations I didn't want to miss - and this was one of them. I had never been to Charlottesville and had always heard about how picturesque the town is. It was true. I think 50% of what I said when I was there was "that's so beautiful!" It was such a clean and quaint town and our trip was even better than I could have hoped for because we got to stay with Kelly and Sam Love. They were so hospitable to host us all weekend and really made our trip perfect and special. Thank y'all! Here are some of the pictures  from our trip.

* morning walk on the Virginia campus *

* the lawn *

* foggy morning *

* stunning trees *

* a squirrel and his bagel * 

* stroll on main street *

* all you need is love *

* King family winery... David's first one ever! *

* Sam and Kelly, the perfect hosts *

* Thomas Jefferson's house *

* also the picture that is on the back of the Nickel *

* I really loved all the fat squirrels - they were all so cute! * 


  1. Beautiful pictures, Lauren..what a fun trip!

    1. MRS. BLAINE!!! Is it just me or does it feel like we were having our office hour together YESTERDAY? (ok maybe a week ago.. but still). Congrats on getting married and Knox is so cute :) So excited for you. And clearly I don't know how to do this blog because I just saw this haha..

  2. I agree... beautiful! Tough choices and decisions. Love you! Meemow

    1. Thanks Meemow! We turn our list in SOON - I'm fine with wherever David is ;)

  3. ohemgee where did you get that furrrrr

    1. Hey! I am so glad you asked about this because I searched google and found the gray one! Here it is: if the link doesn't work you can search "Michael Kors faux-fur neck warmer" on ebay. All the stores say it is no longer available. And sorry for this late response, I am just now seeing this.



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